Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A New World's Tallest Water Ride?

Maybe.  Well, maybe not.  It's not totally clear exactly what Italy's Mirabilandia is building, but one thing is for sure - it's huge.  In recent photos taken of the park's new ride, named DiVertical, it has become clear that Holiday World's Pilgrims Plunge is getting a bigger brother.

The Italian version of the ride may not focus on soaking guests though, if you listen to the rumors.  That's where things get complicated - from the photos the ride is clearly an Intamin "Hyper Splash," rumored to be over 170 feet tall, but what happens after that long drop is the real mystery.

Instead of a traditional splash down finale to DiVertical, it's currently rumored that the ride will feature coaster style track, though that's not apparent from any construction photos.  The theme of the ride was just made more clear with the following video:

Speed boat racing, indeed.  This also lends a bit of weight to the this-isn't-just-a-splashdown-ride theory... if speed boat racing is the theme then the speed of the boats over the water, not plowing through the water, would be emphasized.

Truth be told I don't know!  But it'll certainly stand out at the park, those are some bright colors!