Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mike's Fill-In Brochure Spotlight: Dorney Park 1965(ish)

This week's Dorney Park brochure will go back about a decade from last weeks - my best estimates are that it is from 1965, or perhaps 1966.  Dorney was still using "the natural spot" as a slogan, prominently placing it on the front of the brochure.

President and General Manager Rober Plarr had some nice things to say about the park, which quickly turned into the benefits of having a picnic at Dorney Park.  The picnic crowd was an essential part of the park's growth through the decades.

The aerial photo of The Coaster, now Thunderhawk, is also pretty nice.  The mini-golf course that sat generally where the park's Administration building is now is featured as well.

The Inn at Dorney Park was quite famous in its time, although it went through many names and themes through the years.  The famous Pekin Duck dinner was also a popular joke at the park - seeing as they were so many ducks around the property.  The Inn was eventually turned into an employee cafeteria until it was torn down.

Lots of interesting photos on this spread - the bottom left has a photo of the Wild Mouse, something that's quite hard to come by.  RCDB lists it as only being at the park a couple years around 1965, which helps us date the brochure.  Pirate's Cove is also listed as newly renovated, which happened in 1963. 

More hints abound on this section as well.  The Whacky Shack is seen and listed as "new," it debuted in 1964.  Also the park's cuddle-up has not yet turned into the Iceberg, which happened in '68.  Finally, the Chaticleer is also shown, and that was added in 1964.  The photo of the sports car ride has always intrigued me, with it's farm theming along the way.  I don't think I've ever seen much more about that ride.