Tuesday, October 19, 2010

One Twisted Twister

Sweden's Grona Lund has been working hard on their new Gravity Group designed wooden roller coaster, the Twister.  The insanely compact ride will weave through several other rides and attractions at the park, and feature turns so tight that only the company's Timberliner trains can handle them.

In recent photos posted by the Gravity Group we can see that a large section of the coaster's foundation is now in place.  From the aerial view you can really understand how compact the ride will be.  Looking at the concrete pad poured it seems amazing anyone could fit a flat ride in the space - let alone a wooden coaster!

Twister will stand around 50 feet tall, run 1,500 feet long, and hit 37 miles per hour when it starts twisting riders at Grona Lund in 2011.