Thursday, October 14, 2010

3 New Coasters for Six Flags Magic Mountain?

Screamscape has posted a video that appears to be for a big announcement Six Flags Magic Mountain has planned, though I don't see anything on their site about it quite yet.  Still, it looks about as official as they come, and it announces an "epic capital expansion" for the park.

Two new coasters and one that has been heavily refurbished will open in 2011, per the video.

The big surprise is that the park will add a new Intamin ZacSpin ride, themed to Green Lantern.  It appears to be located in the Gotham City area, near the park's original Batman coaster.  The ride looks identical in size and layout to Tele2 Insane at Grona Lund in Sweden.  That ride has had positive reviews, but is not known for having high capacity.  At a big park like Magic Mountain that could prove trying.

Still, it's great to see Six Flags once again thinking outside the box and adding something new to the American market.

Superman: The Escape will be transformed into Superman: Escape From Krypton.  The tower will receive new paint, blue for most of the bottom portion, red on top, and bright yellow running rails.  The trains will be reversed, and feature over the shoulder restraints - all similar to what Dreamworld has done with Tower of Terror II.

Additionally, the family coaster that was moved to the park from Six Flags New Orleans but not installed in 2010 will open in 2011, though right now it's just being called kid's coaster.  Last year it was announced that it would be Mr. Six's Dance Coaster, but that did not pan out.

With new rides added and reopened, Six Flags Magic Mountain will once again steal the "most coasters in one park" title from Cedar Point, as they will have 18 coasters.

I can't wait to hear an official announcement from the park on these exciting plans.


Surya said...

Magic Mountain is an awesome park with some excellent and very unique coasters. Adding the new ZacSpin adds more uniqueness to the park, but while I have not been on a ZacSpin yet, it seems more like a fun diversion that is more of a gimmick than a real ride. And a Vekoma kids coaster is not exactly what I call thrilling. So nice, but nothing to make my head spin (pun intended)