Friday, October 15, 2010

New Rides To Debut At The Scream Zone In 2011

NY1 is reporting two of the rides that are set to open next year at the expansion to New York City's Luna Park, to be known as the Scream Zone.  Seen above is one version the first new ride, located at Rye Playland, which will be a Zamperla Volare coaster.  The 'flying' ride is known for it's spiral lift hill, compact layout, and crazy heartline rolls.

The second ride will be a Zamperla Turbo Force, which takes eight riders up and around 132 feet in the air.  Similar rides can be found across the country, and are usually a pay-extra attraction.  The Scream Zone is said to contain four large rides, so this is really only half of what will be there.  Other rumors point to the park's Volare coaster possibly being the one that's set for removal from Elitch Gardens. The coaster at Elitch Gardens last operated in 2007.


Ryan said...

It's odd that there's going to be two identical flyers in the same state, much less within reasonable driving distance. Not that it's a problem, but it's interesting that they would go with a flyer and not, say, a Motocoaster (I know there's one at Darien Lake, but still... that's farther away). Unless that's one of the two they haven't shown yet.

Rian said...

To further semi-confirm the Elitch Gardens Volare transplant; According to Screamscape Zamperla will be coming in take the coaster back, likely to refurbish it and resell it to someone else. I’m told that they’ve already taken back the coaster’s cars.

NewsPlusNotes said...

I think a motocoaster was indeed shown in the original animation that came out last winter. So maybe it will be the 3rd or 4th ride.