Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Latest On Kentucky Kingdom

Via Facebook
A new Facebook page has sprung up aimed at seeing Kentucky Kingdom reopen to the pubic in the near future.  The page, created by the Kentucky Kingdom Redevelopment Company, aims to gain public support for the park's reopening.  The KK Redevelopment Company was chosen as the investment group that will work to reopen the park, and includes former owner Ed Hart.

You can visit the page and read about the plans to reopen the park, which calls for some major expansions - doubling the size of the water park, a new coaster, and more.  The group is currently seeking a $50 million bond that will be used to get things back up and running if approved.

There are also some photos (one above) posted that show that the Road Runner Express wild mouse coaster is now being dismantled.  It will soon be transported to Massachusetts where it will reopen next year at Six Flags New England.