Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Belmont Park To Open Octotron In December

The LA Times is reporting that Belmont Park, located in sunny San Diego, CA, will add a third new attraction to the seaside park this winter.

The new attraction will be the second Chance Rides Unicoaster, the first of which debuted earlier this year at Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall of America.  That ride is called Brain Surge, themed to a popular Nickelodeon television show.

The ride will be named Octotron, according to the report, and should open in mid-December.  Here is a video of the similar ride that opened at Nickelodeon Universe:

Octotron will replace the Tilt-a-Whirl, which will be relocated to the spot of Chaos (pictured above right) which will be removed from the park.  Many parks have already removed their Chaos rides, this is just the latest in a now long list.

Belmont Park has already added two other attractions this year, including an elevated ropes course and a crazy ride named Control Freak.  Created by Moser rides, Control Freak takes spinning to a whole new level.  I get dizzy just watching video of the ride - I could not imagine being on it!