Monday, October 18, 2010

Hersheypark Starts Viral Marketing For New Attraction

Hersheypark is up to their old tricks again - and I couldn't be more happy about it.  There's an interesting post that documents a recent encounter that some guests had at the park on Keystone Thrills, where three gentlemen in lab coats asked them some questions about freefalls, water on rides, and other odd items.

The gentlemen then gave them a packet that contained puzzle pieces, which when put together spelled out "see u in spring.  game on!"  Oddly, two of the pieces of the puzzle are cut in the shape of the number 12.  The page also listed the web address for the Ride Institute of Technology, which is the "undisputed leader in the advanced research and testing of theme park rides and attractions."

After Hersheypark's very involved viral marketing campaign for Fahrenheit, one can only assume this is the start of another series of clues and mysteries leading up to their next ride announcement.   The number 12 is important for two reasons, first a new coaster would be the 12th at the park, and also it is believe the next big ride will open in 2012.  The company's website also mentions "Comet Halley" - a probably reference to the park's Comet Hollow area, where the ride is expected to start.

Not sure if the "see u in spring!" means the game will continue then, or we'll see an early announcement.  I'm looking forward to it, either way.