Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mike's Fill-In Brochure Spotlight: Dorney Park 1978

Jumping about a decade forward from last week's brochure, we catch up with Dorney Park, or should I say the New Dorney Park.  Yes, since the park was "one of America's greatest amusement parks," and had expanded significantly in the previous ten years, I guess it needed to differentiate itself from its former self.

And I love the night shot that was spread over the front and back, so I scanned it as one.  The fireworks are obviously fake, but the photo of the Coaster, Swings, and other rides all lit up looks great.

94 years and running when this was published in '78.  They still reference the park as the "natural spot," which is a nice throwback to earlier years.  Be sure to click the larger image and see the photo at the bottom of the Western Frontier building where a walk around Alfundo character poses.  Alfundo's great, but man, that's one scary looking clown.

The "living legend" known as The Coaster was still advertised as one of the top 10 coasters in the world.  The Roaring 20s Midway is also featured - I think this is the row of games that sits behind the Whip (not 100% sure).  The cuddle-up is now known as the Iceberg, and the park is curiously asking "only ride of its kind anywhere?"

The map of the New Dorney park shows off all the goodies they had in store for guests.  The Inn is now called the Cafe & Saloon, another of its theme changes.  Be sure not to miss the Puppets On Parade Spectacular, too!  (that would make a good Haunt theme, cough, cough)

Speaking of the critters, here's a photo of the Puppets with Alfundo.  Looks like a nightmare version of Avenue Q, but maybe I'm just too far into the Halloween spirit.  Thrill Alley featured several of the park's flat rides in one area, including the Zodiac, a stand-up Rotor, and the Monster.  Many other sorely missed attractions also appear here including the Whale Boats, Scooter Cars, and Indy 500.

The direction page features a great photo of the Flying Dutchman, a large Zyklon coaster designed by Pinfari.  The coaster sat atop the hill where the park's Ferris Wheel is today.  The Dutchman stayed at the park until 1988.