Saturday, May 15, 2010

Weekly Rewind 5.15.10

Sea World San Diego is getting ready to open their new dolphin show, Blue Horizons. Modeled after the show of the same name at Sea World Orlando, the 22 minute presentation is set to open on May 29th.

Worlds of Fun is hard at work stringing lights on, well, everything in certain sections of the park! The new Snoopy's Hot Summer Lights light show is well underway, as seen in these photos. The grand opening is scheduled for June 4th!

Schlitterbahn Kansas City is gearing up to start work on the next phase of the massive resort development - officials plan to break ground on the large Scheels All Sports store that will anchor the Riverwalk shopping and dining area this summer. The economy has slowed the building plans, but it's hoped that the Riverwalk area can open in 2012.

Cedar Fair's corporate roller coaster ride (pun intended) continues - this week Q Investments, the company's largest unit holder, asked that the quarterly distribution be reinstated, starting at 50 cents a unit. And they want it now, just like Veruca Salt. Details on the ongoing issue can be found here.

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk's new Haunted Castle is getting ready to open, and the park has posted some recent pictures of the inside and outside of the dark ride on their Facebook. The spooky New Haunted Castle is scheduled to open May 28th.

Calling all Vampires and Werewolves - and this has nothing to do with Twilight - Coney Island is celebrating the first Full Moon Ride on the Cyclone which will take place on May 27th. If you come in Vampire makeup or do a good werewolf howl you'll even get a $2 discount!

SplashTown at Darien Lake is making quick work of their construction. The park posted some new photos showing that the massive water park addition is coming close to completion. Not all the way there yet, of course, but they've made serious progress.

Cedar Point's new attraction, Shoot the Rapids, won't be shooting any rapids when the park opens this weekend. A problem with the ride's boats has caused a two week delay in its opening. Read more here.

Enjoy riding coasters? Well, Gary Coleman really does too. (and no, this has nothing to do with Diff'rent Strokes!) He has ridden Diamondback at Kings Island 1,900 times as of Friday night. Now that is a hardcore fan.