Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Aerial Antics: Hershey Park

When you first arrive at Hershey Park, located in Hershey, PA, you are greeted by this shady area named Tudor Square. Once guests are in the gates they are Rhineland, another quiet area filled with rides an attractions. The park spreads from here, and with so much to see we'd better be going.

But first - to help date most of these photos we can see the big new attraction last year under construction, the addition of a wave pool and lazy river to the Boardwalk water park section. The area was formerly occupied by Canyon River Rapids which was removed in order to make room.

Lightning Racer, a pair of dueling wooden roller coasters, was added in the year 2000. Great Coasters International designed and built the ride, which has been extremely popular with both enthusiasts and the general public since it's debut. It's easy on the eye, as well.

I've purposely refrained from using my 2-fer phrase for a while now, but here's a 3-fer! Great Bear, a B&M inverted coaster, spans much of the Comet Hollow area of the park. SuperdooperLooper, a classic Schwarzkopf ride, also winds it's way around the area. Finally, the Comet is perched on the right side of the above photo.

Prior to the Boardwalk expansion, Fahrenheit was the park's latest and greatest. The ride features a 97 degree first drop, and a slew of inversions after. It's contrasting red/orange track and cool blue supports add to its temperature theme.

Storm Runner takes up a lot of real estate at the park with it's unique layout. After being launched at 75 m.p.h. up the top hat element, riders encounter elements with names like Immelman and Flying Snake Dive. It's a short and intense ride, and always has one of the longer lines at the park.

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