Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rock Band Live At Dorney Park & Demon Drop Update

The traveling version of Cedar Fair's Rock Band Live show premiered at Dorney Park this Memorial Day weekend. Naturally, I had to check it out. Here we see the 'tour bus' or shall I say 'tour truck' parked outside.

The gist of the show is that guests may compete by showing their mad Rock Band skills in order to get on stage during the performance. There's this set up near the Good Time Theatre where guests take turns playing the instruments to get the highest score. The winners are announced shortly before each performance begins.

Here we see three guests taking their turn at Rock Band. Several of the performers from the show are out during this time interacting with the crowd as well, it's rather high energy and fun.

Once the winners are selected they go off and soon after you can enter the theatre and the show starts. The production quality is very high, it's a well put together show. There's eight or so performers in it, and a wide variety of songs are covered - all of which I take it are available in Rock Band.

Eventually the winners of that show's contest are brought out and introduced, and given rock star names like Fritzy, and fitting rock star outfits. Then during the next act they roll out on this platform playing their instruments while the performers sing and dance. There's a story line of rival bands involved as well to keep things moving.

The contest winners come out about 3 or 4 separate times during the show, much more than I expected when I first read about the production. Hopefully the show is deemed a hit so it can continue, or other similar versions can be created. It's a neat idea and Cedar Point and Canada's Wonderland lucked out with permanent shows this summer.

I placed all the photos I took during the show on NPN's Facebook for you guys.

This was weird. Last week this had a growing facade being built on it, was totally enclosed, and was being connected to a nearby grove for a new Haunt. This week it appears as if it was never touched. Color me confused.

Demon Drop. Mostly small stuff left to do, though opening still looks a ways off. They've installed the cover for the queue entrance, and queue railings. More landscaping is going in as well. Didn't see any cars on or near the ride, though.

The station got some work, but not all that much - from my eyes anyway. I'm sure a million little things were done that I didn't notice, though. It seems a lot of electrical went in this week, too.

Here's another view of the entrance cover that went in this week. Much more work on the exit ramp has been done as well, seen in the background. I'm no park construction expert but this looks like it has a couple weeks at least until it's finished at this point.