Saturday, May 15, 2010

Demon Drop At Dorney Update 5.15.10

Yes kiddies - Demon Drop has indeed been formally topped off, complete with decorative sign. The top front is no longer black like it was at Cedar Point, but the sign looks the same - repainted of course.

Perfect weather for photo taking today. Here she is as of this morning, - you can also see that the fences were moved back and Thunder Creek Mountain has opened for the season. The 'track' for the cars to go up the lift was installed as well, giving the structure a denser look.

One of my guesses before was wrong. If this is the entrance path then there certainly isn't any additional queue area here like I figured there would be. Looks like its right under the ride from the entrance and up the long path to the station.

Another angle of the same - the big dirt area makes it appear as though there will definitely be no through path under the ride. Thunder Creek Mountain will really be a dead end now as it was previously cut off from the other side when Subway was built. That's kind of... odd. Maybe I'm wrong.

There's a lot going on in this photo. First, the steel is up for the ride's station, I would expect a lot of work on that this week. Second, maybe there will be more queue in the area here - sorta behind the electrical building - another total guess. Also, some of the 'track' has been put into the station area.

This side of the ride wasn't in a photogenic mood this morning, so it parked a huge truck in the way of the good shots. I'd like to see this side more clearly to help with my entrance/exit theories, though.

A shot of the ride sticking up above the fenced off service area next to the Burger Barn.

Makes a nice wall paper. Never say I didn't give you anything!

Still having fun seeing the new ride in the park from different places. This one was taken in the seating area for Center Stage Fries.

To follow up on my photos from last week here's a new shot of the work going on at the Good Time Theatre. Obviously they're putting a nice cover over the outside of the doors, a smart move for those waiting for a show. The other columns remain a mystery - I'm sure you're on the edge of your seats!

And they swapped out a Snoopy Rocks On Ice poster for a Rock Band Live one on the side of the theatre. Remember, the show is at the park May 28th - 30th! I've been playing the kid's Rock Band for weeks now getting ready! (I kid)

That's all for this week!