Saturday, May 1, 2010

Demon Drop Opening Day Update

Dorney Park began it's 2010 season today with beautiful weather and a very solid crowd. Hopefully that's the sign of a busy season for the park. I'll do a preview of the park in another post, but first let's look at the park's new attraction under construction.

Coming down to the lower part of the park the tower can be seen over the buildings.

You can get some great shots of the ride under construction from several places - naturally I stayed behind all fences for these shots.

The supports for the run-out are all in place, but the area under the ride is still heavily a work in progress.

From the new park map it appears as though the entrance to the ride will be on this side, then the queue on the other - same setup as at Cedar Point.

From the other side. It's already hard to remember that the Krazy Kars building was even there!

And here's exactly where that building once was. The run-out supports go right up to the backside of the Burger Barn leaving no extra room. I can't imagine how this area could be used during Haunt for Terror Square anymore.

One last closer shot of the ride. Looking at pictures of the ride when it was at Cedar Point I'd estimate that it's standing at around half height at this point.

And finally, the lower section of the parking lot is still being used for pieces of the ride - though there are not many left at this point!

Check back tomorrow for the general Dorney Park update.


ride man said...

because 90% of the parts are still at the paint shop at this time