Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Busch Gardens Tampa Construction Update

Time to check in on the construction work going on at Busch Gardens Tampa for their unannounced 2011 coaster project. BGTGuide has come through with a nice update of photos just taken recently, and there is plenty to see going on at the park.

Currently mostly infrastructure for the expansion is being worked on, specifically the places where the park's train will interact with the coaster and the new pathways. Trenches have already gone in at some points, and others are starting to be formed.

Heavy work is also going on for the main bridge that guests will cross along the new pathway, suspected to have the coaster pass directly under it.

While I don't see any footers being poured in the photos, they definitely have markings down where some of the first ones will go. The scope of the work area is massive, and it's exciting to see so much progress being made this early in the year!