Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dorney Park 5.8.10 Update

Two items for the agenda today - some changes to the park's Good Time Theatre, and of course, Demon Drop construction.

The park made a wonderful (and smart) decision to spend some money on improving the looks of last year's big addition, the Good Time Theatre. The most noticeable thing in the photo above is the decorative trim added to the top of the building, along with new versions of the large posters that were up last year.

But looking closer we see they have actually built new planters and columns around the front. They've also built them along the stairs into the theatre, and ripped apart the outside of the entrance area - but that's still a work in progress. Compare to this photo from last season:

When finished the theatre should be much easier on the eye - something it really did need. I wonder if these cosmetic features were in the plans but cut for last year? Either way it's a great improvement.

Now on to Demon Drop - it's quite taller this week! You're able to see it from all sorts of places around Dorney. The photo above was taken from in front of The Whip.

The tower is also sticking up here - seen from the Hydra plaza area.

Demon Drop is at it's full height now, with really only decorative stuff yet to be added to the top.

As far as building the ride goes, though, that's really all that was completed this past week. No new structure was put up on the bottom run-out of the ride.

I'm guessing that the path that leads along the side of the ride here is the exit, with the entrance going under the run-out and then into the queue, and eventually up to the station.

If you look close you can see they poured the path under the ride that follows the entrance, then you can see the long path leading to the station. I'm guessing there will be additional queue in there somewhere as well. There's even footers poured in there for a structure to cover guests when they pass under the ride - just like when it was at CP.

That's it for this week!