Saturday, December 12, 2009

Weekly Rewind 12.12.09

Cedar Point fans recently got a dose of Shoot The Rapids goodness when the park posted a new PointCast featuring the ride's boats. You can check out the video on the park's YouTube channel.

Staying on the topic of Cedar Fair, World of Fun recently debuted a brand new redesigned website. The site is now similar to that of Cedar Point's and Knott's Berry Farm's. I'm sure the other parks will change theirs over in due time.

The race to reopen an amusement facility on Coney Island is on! The city visited IAAPA to announce they would be accepting bids to redevelop a park, and developers started lining up. Among them was Jim Seay, head of Premier Rides. The great possibilities are endless on this one.

Alton Towers has finally revealed the name of their new coaster for 2010: Th13teen. The park also continues the hype machine saying the will have age restrictions to ride (16-55 years old) and a limit of one ride per day. The say a ride on the "psychocoaster" will be too intense for additional trips.

Six Flags is finally able to hand the former Six Flags New Orleans property over to the city, per a decision made in their bankruptcy case. It'll cost them, though, some $3 million and a portion of insurance proceeds above $65 million.

At least one speed bump in the plan to get Six Flags out of bankruptcy has been cleared - a group of noteholders lost a bid to reorganize the company on their terms this past week. This allows the current management an extension to complete the reorganization as they planned. Six Flags has said they need to leave Chapter 11 soon, as they may not have enough cash on hand to start opening parks next May as things are going now.

Intimidator at Carowinds is as close as ever to having it's track completed, as seen in these photos on Carowinds Connection. It looks like they have some of the final helix left to go, and then just a hop to connect to the brake run.

The Disney Parks Blog was the home to the official announcement of a new "Villains Tonight!" stage shot set to debut on the Disney Cruise Line in 2010. The show will features all the famous baddies from the Disney films set to a new musical score.

Well, Cedar Fair certainly has warned them enough times - how they are really suing Santa Clara over the plan to build a NFL stadium in California's Great America's parking lot. The City Counsel recently approved an economic impact study that would in turn allow the proposal for the stadium to be placed on the ballot for a public June vote. Cedar Fair doesn't look to be planning to roll over on this one.

Troubles continue for Freestyle Music Park, as their Russian investors have pulled out of the park, and they still are in debt to many vendors from the park's recent operating season. Operators continue to be optimistic that a new investor will take the park on, and if so, they plan to add to the park to continue to grow their business.