Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Amusing Ads Archive - Arrow 1995

Once upon a time, Arrow Dynamics was the king of the amusement industry. People movers, dark ride systems, log flumes, coasters - they created them all and more at some point in their history.

When Cedar Point wanted a really tall coaster, Arrow's the one who came through with the winning bid. That coaster started a new era of the race to have the biggest and baddest coaster around.

As this ad makes perfectly clear, Arrow was the firm you could turn to for a big ride, and in 1994 the biggest ride of them all (at the time) debuted in Europe at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. The Pepsi Max Big One took riders over 200 ft. in the sky and dropped them down at the ground at almost 75 m.p.h.

Of course, Arrow's time has since come and gone, but their "we make amusement parks amazing!" slogan really did fit them well in their heyday.