Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dorney Lot Pics 12.5.09

Mother Nature finally gave us what I've been hoping would magically never materialize this winter today: snow. Still, there's no rest for the wicked busy, so I was out and about and managed to get these snowy shots of those pieces of ride parts in Dorney Park's lot.

Sorry about the quality! Hard as I try I can't get that whole 'controlling the weather' thing down pat.

There were more parts delivered since I last got photos, including more of the catwalks that run along the lower portion of the ride and that tank thing.

This view is a little easier on the eyes with the snow so you can more clearly see what has arrived.

And one last shot of the catwalks. Hopefully we'll see official word from the park as to what's going on soon!


Anonymous said...

i wonder what colors they'll paint this... or if they'll keep it the same blue/teal look. it would be fun to see it get a makeover.

Jason said...

I'm so excited to see Dorney get another great ride! Do you think it'll be open for opening day '10? I hope so! I'm really freaking out over this and yes, brandonblog, I agree. I think some kind of a paintjob is a great idea. What about yellow and purple? That would look sick.!