Monday, December 14, 2009

AstroWorld's Batman The Escape Art

The cure for the winter Monday blues... old concept art!

Six Flags AstroWorld was the third proud recipient of this Intamin stand-up coaster back in 1993. Previously at Magic Mountain for a couple years, and Great Adventure as well, Batman The Escape received a theming treatment at AstroWorld that it lacked at the other parks.

Guests entered the Arctic Park and into Gotham City Cold Storage before standing up to face the coaster. Part of the ride's queue even went through the old Alpine Sleigh Ride's mountain, as the Batcave, though it was eventually closed off to guests.

When AstroWorld was demolished Batman the Escape was moved to Darien Lake where I believe it's still sitting in a field.


Rian said...

From what I understand the parts are sitting in a field in Darien Lake, but the way they dismantled the ride, wires were cut so that they weren't able to be connected again. So who knows, if ever, when the coaster will be back up and running.