Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Noah's Ark 2010: The Scorpion's Tail

Noah's Ark water park, located in the Wisconsin Dells, has announced that their new attraction for 2010 will be the Scorpion's Tail water slide.

The 10 story slide will take riders through a 45 degree loop at up to 40 miles per hour after dropping through a trap door to start things off. The slide is one of WhiteWater West's new AquaLoop attractions, several more of which will open around the world next year.

The park has placed several photos of the ride under construction on their Facebook page:

To see their full gallery, click here.


ShmeppyJ said...

It's a WhiteWater West ride, sold as the AquaLoop. First of its kind in the US!

Unknown said...

I went on the Scorpions Tail yesterday, and had to wait an hour in line. SO WORTH IT!