Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sabrina's Brochure Spotlight: Ghost Town in the Sky (year unknown)

Is your school or office a ghost town this week? What a coincidence--So is this park! Something tells me that a visit to Ghost Town in the Sky would be infinitely more exciting, though. Let's journey back in time to see what this park had to offer prior to its closure in 2002 (and, of course, eventual reopening in 2007).

Guns don't kill people. This guy does. But don't worry, it's all [gun] smoke and mirrors! Throughout its history, Ghost Town in the Sky has been famous for its authentic recreation of an old western town and the accompanying "good guys versus bad guys" shootouts that ensue. According to this brochure, Ghost Town's gunfighers are internationally known.

Lots of parks are themed after ghost towns, or at the very least have a wild west-themed area. What distinguishes this park? Location, location, location. Ghost Town in the Sky is perched 3300 feet above sea level in Smoky Mountain country. As they say, getting there is half the fun! And selecting a means of transportation is the other half. At the time this brochure was published, you had your choice of chairlift, incline railway, or shuttle bus.

While I can't pinpoint an exact year for this brochure, some of the fine attractions pictured here--such as the Sea Dragon and Casino (Trabant)--did not reopen with the park in 2007, so at least we have that frame of reference. But the Indian dancers and Can-Can girls are back, as is the Red Devil roller coaster, which now sports new trains and a new paint job and goes by the name Cliff Hanger.

Ghost Town in the Sky is hardly located in the "wild west", but surely its proximity to cities such as Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge contribute to its honky tonk flair. It may be a little more than a hop, skip, and a jump away for most people, but wouldn't you be willing to log the extra mileage to visit the Mile High Fun Center? (Their wording, not mine. Seriously. Check the second panel!) Here's hoping that the park can overcome its continuing financial difficulties and return to the glory days depicted in this brochure. Our gun-toting friend from the front cover is keeping his spurs crossed!


Scott and Carol said...

This brochure looks similar to the one we have from our 1997 visit to Ghost Town. However, I don't think the brochures changed that often back then.