Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sabrina's Brochure Spotlight: Palace Playland 200?

When I sat down to ponder which brochure to feature this week, I fancied a park in New England. But not just any park--my criteria were strict. It had to be a seaside park, one dating back over a century no less, and featuring--Wait, what's that? HEY!! What do you mean I'm full of it and I just picked the shortest brochure imaginable because I'm too busy wrapping gifts and freaking out to write? I'm going to have to plead the fifth here.

Okay, okay: You got me. I did deliberately pick the shortest brochure I could find this week. [Never have been good at bluffing, so why start now? Besides, Santa might be watching...] But that's not to say that Palace Playland isn't deserving of the brochure spotlight! Far from it. After all, as the cover states, this is New England's only remaining beachfront amusement park.

A seaside location is always a plus in my book, but Palace Playland has so much else to offer. From family classics like the Sunwheel and bumper cars to newfangled contraptions like the Zamperla Power Surge pictured in the lower left-hand corner, this quaint little park seems to have a knack for continually upgrading its collection of rides while still maintaining a good old-fashioned park ambiance. Also pictured here is the Galaxi, one of two coasters at Palace Playland.

In addition to the rides and games, note the mention of a "huge" arcade. Since this brochure does not elaborate, allow me to do the honors: We're talking a 24,000-square foot arcade featuring more than 200 games and attractions. That outta keep you busy for a while.

Remember what I was saying about Palace Playland keeping with the times while still maintaining that traditional park feel? (I certainly hope so. I mean...It was only a couple paragraphs ago.) The back panel serves to emphasize my point by featuring two contrasting rides which coexist in perfect harmony: a classic carousel, and one of the park's newer (if not newest) rides, Adrenalin. The latter is a Street Fighter model from Technical Park, and I'm pretty sure it debuted at Palace Playland in 2007 or 2008, thus making this a pretty recent brochure.

Now that I've sufficiently proven that the quality of this park outweighs the quantity of pages in this brochure, perhaps you'll overlook my laziness (which isn't so much laziness as it is craziness). Don't worry, I expect to fully recoup all energy reserves by next week!


Unknown said...

Any idea what this "classic" carousel is?

Know that more than 10 years ago the vintage 1910 PTC carousel was sold from there.


Sabrina said...

Sorry, I guess that wording was confusing. I tend to use words like "classic" to describe rides like carousels and Ferris wheels that have been amusement park staples for decades. I wasn't trying to make a statement about this particular carousel's age. I believe it's a Chance model, but I'm not entirely sure.