Sunday, December 20, 2009

Universal Studios Japan 2010: Space Fantasy

Universal Studios Japan, located in Osaka, has announced a major new attraction for the park's 2010 season. Space Fantasy will be a highly themed indoor spinning roller coaster, reported to be supplied by Mack on Coasters and More.

The ride will be about 1,919 ft long and about 62 ft. tall. Riders sit in a 'solar shuttle' train which consists of 4, 2 passenger vehicles. The ride will feature plenty of special effects along with the latest in audio and video technology, so says the park.

The story line is pretty rough to translate from the park's official page, but let's try.

It seems guests enter the attraction and meet G-Bot, a communications satellite that's in the form of a friendly computer. They then meet Kosumia, the Princess of the Sun, who informs us that the sun is losing energy and the way to save it is the utilize human energy to restore it. Of course we agree to help, and we board the solar shuttle to take a spin into outer space to give off some of that much needed energy.

That journey is said to feature beautiful views of the Earth from space, a trip around Saturn's famous rings, and plenty of interaction with asteroid belts before arriving at the Sun.

The $55 million attraction replaces the original ET Adventure attraction and is set to open March 19th, 2010.


TokyoMagic! said...

It sounded great until I read the last part about it replacing the E.T. Adventure. Universal Studios Hollywood took theirs out and replaced it with the Mummy Coaster. I hope Universal Studios Orlando hangs onto their E.T. attraction!

Anonymous said...

I think you mean 2, 4 passenger vehicles. Not 4, 2 passenger vehicles.

NewsPlusNotes said...

I really don't know! It was in Japanese! What makes the most sense would be trains consisting of 4, 4 passenger vehicles a la Euro Mir at Europa Park.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, or Sierra Sidewinder at Knott's (the non controlled spin version). I guess my main reason for thinking 2, 4 passenger cars was the artwork that shows 2 cars and they look like the 4 person cars on Sierra Sidewinder.