Saturday, October 17, 2009

Scott And Carol Present: A Southern Fright Fest, Six Flags over Georgia Style

Six Flags over Georgia advertises their Fright Fest as "Chills by Day and Thrills by Night" and having spent a Sunday in the park we whole heartedly agree.

The cartoon characters begin to be somewhat intimidated by Mr. Six and the other park changes as the temperature grow colder. Nightfall arrives earlier in the day and that can only mean one thing. Fright Fest is finally here.

Tombstones appear throughout the park and they carry the names of employees, past rides, and funny sayings. At Six Flags Over Georgia, very few spots of grass are not adorned with some temporary fall decor.

One of the crowd favorites is Mayor Slayer. We had to wait for the crowd to disperse so we could get this picture. He wasn't wearing his sash that day but he is only beaten by Mr Six in popularity polls. He will ask for your vote or your blood but he won't ask for your forgiveness.

This coffin presents a humorous look at life after death but there were many others that were no laughing matter. Either this person had been sitting their way too long, or he wasn't much to begin with.

Even Bugs Bunny and Daffy had costumes, but they didn't act very scary. They interacted with the younger set, but friendly as they are, they posed for pictures with everyone who asked. The smiles they created made the trip for lots of the youngsters.

The Love at First Fright show presented some controlled mayhem. Using some popular songs, and some impressive comedy, there was something for everyone in The Crystal Pistol theatre.

Featuring some great lighting and even more impressive dance numbers, the more common creatures from scary movies perform a very tight show.

Add in a little local humor and it's easy to see why people gather on the steps outside the theatre long before showtime.

Dr. Fright's CarnEvil is a freak show with lots of music and dancing.

It has a juggler, who entertains the gathering throng...

a creepy ringmaster who reigns over this bizarre three ring circus of freaks

and Dr. Fright himself, who emcees the creepy entertainment.

He has friends who swallow swords, play with fire, and even an amazing hula hoop girl.

Since they use three stages, so no matter where you sit you have a great view of everything that's happening.

Just outside the Drive-In theatre, the Blizzard of Ozzy show has their own stage. Performing a medley of popular Ozzy Osborne melodies, they drew a distinctly older crowd who fully appreciated their efforts.

They did such a good job with "Crazy Train," the throng screamed for it again later in the show.

Even with temperatures in excess of 80 degrees, the park celebrated Halloween in fine style. A well rounded package of thrills and chills were scattered throughout the park, and when you add in the great coaster lineup, it is easy to see why Fright Fest at Six Flags Over Georgia is so well attended.