Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Daily Spin 10.21.09

Since Carowinds topped out Intimidator last week, they've made quick progress on the ride. As you can see at left, the first drop is now fully in place. Photos on the ride's official website show that they've started onto the ride's second hill as well.

Work also continues on the ride's entrance area, as well as the station - which looks to be structurally up at this point aside from the roof.

Also Intimidator 305 at Kings Dominion progresses toward completing the ride's 300 ft. first drop. New photos have been added but aren't showing off that drop just yet. The webcam for the ride, however, shows that they're nearing the top.

More bad news coming from Freestyle Music Park as another lawsuit has been filed against the theme park for unpaid debts. This time it's a ride manufacturer, as Zamperla says the park still owes them $100,000 toward the 4 kiddie rides they supplied the park this past Spring. You can read more about it in this article. The park recently announced that they have lined up new investors which hopefully will allow the park to expand and continue to operate.

Back onto new ride construction, Cedar Point has added new construction photos of their 2010 attraction, Shoot the Rapids. The first footer has been poured and they've got the land for the ride pretty much prepped at this point. The park has also confirmed on their blog that Demon Drop will be leaving the park at the end of the season, and indeed heading to Knott's Berry Farm.

Universal Studios has retained Steven Spielberg as a creative consultant for their theme parks until 2017, Variety is reporting. Spielberg has been a consultant to the parks for a long time now, working with them on the Jurassic Park River Adventure, Men in Black, the new Singapore park, and plenty of other attractions. What's his input worth? How about 5.25% of the gross revenues from the Orlando and Japan parks! That's a lot of coin.