Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Presenting Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore has finally let the cat out of the bag and announced their full line-up of rides and attractions at the new theme park, set to debut in early 2010.

Here's a rundown of all the rides and attractions:

New York
• Lights! Camera! Action! - A special events live show hosted by Steven Spielberg. The set housing the show will demonstrate a huge hurricane hitting New York City.
• Stage28 - A sound stage featuring props and sets from famous Universal movies. Will allow guests to become a part of the movies!

Pantages Hollywood Theater - A large theater equipped to hold 1,500 guests and set to premiere a rock'n'roll musical features the famous Universal monsters.
• Mel's Drive-In - Found at other Universal parks, this drive-in diner serves up tasty treats for guests such as milkshakes.

• Madagascar: A Crate Adventure - Join the cast of the Madagascar movie on a trip into their world on this massive dark ride boat adventure.
• King Julien's Beach Party-Go-Round - A carousel featuring all the characters of the Madagascar films.

Far Far Away
• Enchanted Airways - A fun family roller coaster through the land of Shrek.
Shrek 4-D Adventure - Similar to the attraction at other Universal parks, this funny 4-D film is presented in OrgeVision to let guests literally feel the movie!
• Magic Potion Spin - Family sized ferris wheel.
• Donkey Live - Fully interactive theater experience where Donkey interacts on the screen with the live audience.

Lost World
WaterWorld - Large stunt show, similar to the one at Universal Studios Hollywood.
• Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure - Guests board a raft and journey into the land of dinosaurs, and end up finding danger.
• Canopy Flyer - Gentle coaster that glides passengers over the Lost World area.
• Dino-Soarin - Sounds like a family spinner ride in the tradition of Dumbo.
• Amber Rock Climb - A rock wall that guests can try to top, those who make it all the way up have a treasure awaiting them.

Ancient Egypt
• Revenge of the Mummy - The blockbuster ride that premiered at both U.S. Universal parks will be featured in Singapore.
• Treasure Hunters - Guests can drive their own car through the abandoned excavation site.

Sci-Fi City
Battlestar Galactica - The massive dueling coasters feature two unique interacting tracks. The inverted Cyclon side features multiple inversions, while the Human sit-down track if geared more toward families.
• Accelerator - Spinning tea-cup style ride like at Islands of Adventure.
• Transformers - To open in 2011.

Sounds like the park has a pretty nice line-up, and certainly isn't under developed like some parks that have opened in the last decade or so. The Sentosa Theme Park Blog has some photos from inside the park that were taken during a press tour, check those out here.