Monday, October 12, 2009

Aerial Antics: Myrtle Beach Pavilion

This week's Aerial Antics will be short, sweet, and sorta sad. If you remember back to our look at the before and after of Six Flags AstroWorld, then this will seem familiar.

Here we have Myrtle Beach Pavilion, stuffed to the gills with fun rides and attractions. There was the Custom Coasters created Hurricane wooden coaster, a mad mouse, log flume, river rapids ride, and plenty more.

And here we have an empty field. Myrtle Beach Pavilion closed in September of 2006, after operating for 48 or so years. Once the land was cleared, it just sat, which is really a shame. The Hurricane coaster was demolished, and it's trains sent to Kings Island for use on Son of Beast. The Wild Mouse was purchased by the Nascar Speed Park in Myrtle Beach, where it is now in storage:

See. There it is, just sittin' around waiting to be built. The Nascar park also purchased a kiddie coaster from Pavilion as well.

Such a shame that the park was demolished and the land not even utilized. Here's a link to the aerials.