Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Blast From The Blast - Cedar Point's Mean Streak

In 1991 Mean Streak shattered the record for tallest, fastest woodie in the world, At 160 foot tall the Guinness Book of Records stated the coaster would be 17 ft taller & 3 mph faster than it's closes competitor (the Texas Giant.) Mean Streak also made Cedar Point the home to the tallest & faster steel/wood combo (Magnum/Mean Streak.)

Lurking on the edge of Lake Erie Mean Streak originally used 1.7 million board feet of southern yellow pine, the 5427 ft long coaster was built on 5.5 acres. The coaster features curves, negative gravity and the visual impact of wooden beams flying by an open car at 65mph.

Speed, visual impact, moment of negative gravity & continuous momentum will characterize this world-class ride. The batter bracing allows the track to interplay with the structure, creating an intricate weave of timber & steel.

Designed by Curtis D Summers, Inc & constructed by Dinn Corp. Both located in Cincinnati. And, according to Charlie Dinn, president of Dinn Corp, the MS will have the longest drop of any wooden coaster ever constructed.

In a 1991 press release, then president of CP Richard Kenzel stated, "The Mean Streak will stand as a monumental symbol of CPs commitment to quality world-class rides & roller coasters." Kinzel went on to say, "This is the 4th coaster we've introduced in the last 5 years, while maintaining our philosophy of providing the finest entertainment for the entire family.
A 1991 promotional flyer spun this exciting tale, You're still climbing. And then 160 feet in the air, higher than any other wooden roller coaster in the world, the trip ends, and the thrill begins.

You're plunged into a maze of timber you're sure there's no room for the train to squeeze through. But, it does, and with an incredible sensation of speed, the Mean Streak propels you on a terrifying journey. It's more than a mile of mayhem with a whirlwind of hills,drops, sweeping curves and tight turns that will leave you breathless...and begging for more

The incredible Mean Streak will be Cedar Point's tenth roller coaster, the largest collection in the world. A $7.5 million dollar project, the Mean Streak will be built the old-fashioned way, with a wooden superstructure and wooden track that tower above Frontiertown.

Feel the fury of the Mean Streak at Cedar Point this summer. If you are looking for wooden roller coaster thrills, there is not a taller one around.

While Mean Streak is no longer a record breaker, it's still one of the tallest woodies. And, after 18 years it's impressive structure still dominates that 5.5 acres along the edge of Lake Erie.


NewsPlusNotes said...

Great images! When I was a kid I thought Mean Streak was the coolest thing since sliced bread... then I convinced my family to take me to CP and I rode it... lol.

It's still a beautiful ride nonetheless!