Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Scott And Carol Present - A Scary Visit to Scarowinds

With the season winding down we wanted to present one last haunting story and we saved one of the best for last!

The stage is set for a hauntingly good time at Scarowinds

For ten years now guests having been dying to get in!

And Scarowinds wants YOU to join the Army of Darkness!

Guests are greeted with a fountain gushing blood.

Arachnophobics need not enlist

Enlistees face stiff competition

Some go as far as losing there heads.

The dead become restless

Park management is commemoratived in a ghastly way

Familiar children's toys take on a surreal appearance

Hey Y'all, are pumpkins a native species of the Carolinas?

This screamster haunted those enjoying the the Pre-scare meal.

And.....he wasn't alone!

The Asylum offers a less than positive view of the state of mental institutions.

Camp Killauee is not known for having many (if any) annual campers!

The Playground isn't a place for the nice kids play unsupervised.

And the Carolina Skytower watches over the evenings festivities!

The Haunt at Scarowinds was a spooktacular event, one that had many ghoulies and ghosties lurking behind evey corner and in every crevis of the park. Truelly a marvelous evening of entertainment.


Unknown said...

Great report, I wish I can visit SCarowinds' Halloween Haunt one day!