Saturday, October 10, 2009

Scott And Carol Present: Carowinds Raises The Intimidation Factor

Here's the view from Carowinds Boulevard, where you can see Afterburn testing in the foreground.

It takes a flock of cranes to raise Intimidator!

This is the curve on which the train returns to the station.

The ready position just outside the station.

Much of the structure for the transfer track and maintenance are is already complete.

Here's a wide angle shot of the station and transfer track area.

The base of the lift hill is already complete.

Scott just had to touch the "tallest" piece of track.

This was supposed to be installed on 10/9 but was delayed due to weather.

This piece right here...

Goes wayyyyyyy up here!

Weather permitting it will be done on 10/12

These handy little hydraulic jacks are used to preciously position the support columns.

And, they have all these footers to go!

Editor's note: Great photos, guys! We can all look forward to more Carowinds coverage, as well as several other parks, from Scott & Carol in the near future here on NewsPlusNotes!


Unknown said...

Can't wait to see testing videos and stuff like that. Im going to ride Intimidator in the Summer.