Monday, October 19, 2009

Legoland Street View

© 2009 Google Street View

You'd think with my endless love of Google and Bing aerials that I would have kept up with Google's Street View maps, but I must admit that I haven't. Thus I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Google has started adding amusement and theme parks to it's lineup of street level images.

Legoland California was recently added to their lineup, which can be seen here. They use a pretty cool camera mounted on a bicycle to take the images, and this allows you to virtually walk through the theme park! It's like being there, only you're not and it's on the computer. But it's still pretty neat.

They also have images up of Universal Orlando and Islands of Adventure, and considering the horrid weather we've had in the Northeast lately, those sunny Florida images look pretty swell right now.