Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom 1999 Brochure

Here's Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom's 1999 season brochure.

Ahh yes, back in the day of the Six Flags massive 'park branding' expansions. The new physical ride of the year was Penguin's Blizzard River. I featured an aerial shot of this ride a bit ago on NewsPlusNotes. Oh, and Chang still has it's awesome yellow colors.

See Chang in all its yellow goodness? Plus, check out Batman The Ride. Yeah, they even had the logo and everything for T2-renamed published. It's good that they did not rename the abomination that is an SLC into what is traditionally a wonderful B&M ride.

Plus Twisted Sisters didn't have it's named changed yet. I guess SFKK has seen a lot of renaming and color changes and such over time if you think about it.