Saturday, October 6, 2007

Dorney Park Voodoo 10.6.07 Update

Here are some pictures from today, Saturday the 6th.

Here's a general view of the area. What's that off in the distance? A specifically shaped mound of dirt.

Another general view for ya, I'm still trying to understand which way the ride will face, meaning which end will have the spiral track.

Here's Steel Venom at Valleyfair! Perhaps that mound of dirt will be for the station area. In that case, the ride would initially launch toward the Monster Grill. That does make some sense to me, then the spiral tower would be more out in the open. The straight track tower would then be more behind Laser Refreshments.

A somewhat closer view of the dirt mound. Another question, I wonder if they will reuse Steel Venom's station or create a new one.

Moving on down the midway, here's another view.

And lastly a zoomed in shot of the area. It'll be interesting to see where footers start to go in. That should help with orientating the ride to the construction area.