Thursday, October 25, 2007

California's Great America 2008 + 2009

Great America announced today that they are changing their name to California's Great America starting in 2008. Cedar Fair will spend $14 million on the property over the next two years.

They also announced Firefall and a new Ice Skating show for 2008.

Firefall will be made by Huss, and while not mentioned in the press release, sounds like it is indeed the Top Spin from Geauga Lake. Surprisingly, Firefall will feature fire and water effects, a very non-Cedar Fair move if I must say. I suppose they still had Kings Dominions Firefall's plans laying around.

The park will also stay open until 10 pm most days next summer.

The big news is the park's early announcement of their 2009 addition. They're adding a Great Coasters International wooden coaster. Standing 104 ft. tall and going 52 m.p.h., the ride sounds pretty similar to Renegade - which is awesome.

I'd like to take a moment to point out that I actually let it slip that this coaster was on the way in this post. You're all welcome!

Anyway, I have a feeling this two year announcement is the next step in Cedar Fair's plan regarding that 49ers stadium. We'll see.

Official press release.