Sunday, October 28, 2007

Dorney Park 2007 Closing Weekend Update

Stopped by the park on Saturday the 27th to visit the park for the last time of the 2007 season. I wanted to visit the park at night one last time, so there aren't really any good Voodoo pics.

First, a question. The above picture (sorry so dark) is of a Vulture thing that's on the rocks behind the Cedar Freak Cannonball station. Does anyone know where it's from? Perhaps it was bought for Halloweekends, but something tells me it's a recycled prop. Anyone know?

The park had a nice crowd on Saturday night. The line for Scream Works started way back in the middle of the photo above.

Night time Voodoo shots! Really though, very little was different anyway. They started to take down the green stuff on the fence by the entrance road and it looked like they cleared out a little more dirt where the Zephyr tracks were.

Similar view. Looks like we won't get to see a lot of the construction, I will of course take some pics from outside the park once steel goes up.

I also took some time last night to get some night photos. I like the way this photo of the entrance to the Fright Zone turned out. I kinda tried to make the big version sized like a desktop - not that I think it's that awesome but it could be cool I suppose.

The Dominator sign looks trippy. I just realized that hardly anyone is mentioning where the former Geauga Lake, soon to be Kings Dominion ride got its name from. Credit where it's due!

Another one from the other side. I didn't make this one big because my camera put and ugly line or two though it. I'll be replacing the camera this off season for sure, I'm sick of my current one.

Let's end with a picture of yellow glowing Dominator.

That's it for me!

By the by, if anyone ever wants any larger images of any that I've had this season just e-mail me, I'll gladly send them.