Thursday, October 11, 2007

Cedar Point 2008 Rumors

There have been a few rumors of what Cedar Point has planned for 2008, but only until just recently did some people start to send me info that the park will be aiming at the families again next season.

As seen above, the current rumor is that the front of the park's kiddie area is going to be updated. That section of the park is highlighted in green in this photo. There's some logic here though, this part of the park is very aged and it's been a few years since the park did a kid expansion.

And of course, fitting right in the theme of "Cedar Fair 2008" - new additions to this area are said to be coming from Geauga Lake's poor gutted amusement ride side.

Here's what Geauga Lake has to offer:

They have a handful of rides, some of which would be Camp Snoopy repeats (but look at some Six Flags parks and see if that matters) - and two other significant attractions.

One is the indoor ball play area. Cedar Fair added these to Worlds of Fun and Valleyfair! on their own. I'm sure one would go over well at Cedar Point.

The other is the gigantic wet/dry slide play structure. There no way that anyone could tell me that wouldn't be bonkers popular sitting just off the main Midway at the Point.

Then consider that everyone and their brother says the former Dolphin stadium will bite the dust this winter and you have a nice home for Geauga's former Beaver Land Mine Ride - a small family coaster.

Like I said, I don't know this for sure, but it certainly makes sense. Your thoughts?


slnewbus said...

I think it would be realistic to say that there could be some stuff coming from GL to update that. I do not believe they will tear out dolphin stadium though because of how rediculously expensive it would be to tear it out. What scares me though is that the ballroom arcade building. (I can't think of its name) might be on the block.

NewsPlusNotes said...

You do have a good point - all that concrete that makes up the stadium would be a pain to remove - I'm just working off of rumors here.

It is scary that the ballroom arcade thing sits in the middle of all this - that would be horrible if they tore it down.

Unknown said...

They will not tear down ballroom arcade because CF Company has Corporate offices in that build like most of the buildings on the point.

Cedar Fair Headquarters is Cedar Point.

BunnyHugger said...

I'd like to see some refurbishment of the Kiddieland Carousel. As far as I can tell, it still has the same paint job that it had when I was a kid, and could really use a new one. A nicer pavilion would also be great!

Alas, I have given up hope of the band organs on either carousel ever operating again.