Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dorney Park Voodoo 10.13.07 Update

Here are some pictures from October 13th, 2007 of the Voodoo construction at Dorney Park.

A wide shot of the construction area. It's muddy! It looks like this week they worked on putting in some of the drainage system for the area.

A closer view of one of the holes they've dug for drains. You can kinda see it but it's down in there I promise.

More stuff waiting to be placed underground. It's just a tiny blip above that bench, but there's another drain already placed right at the base of that dirt pile.

Here's the exciting stuff! More track for Voodoo has arrived and it's bright yellow - much like Wicked Twister and VF Steel Venom. I can't tell if they're painting it on site or if it arrived this way...

It wouldn't be a Cedar Fair coaster if it didn't have some primary colors in it, so -phew, this one checks out.

One last shot of the new yellow track. I wonder if this means all the track will be yellow, but maybe not. Alternating colors could fit with the name Voodoo. At least now we know that the yellow horns in the logo that turn into track were not random.

That's it!