Saturday, October 27, 2007

Noah's Ark 4-D Dive In Theater

I had no idea this opened this past summer until In Park Magazine had an article about it in their current issue. (Very good magazine, btw)

Noah's Ark - a massive water park in the Wisconsin Dells, opened a new 4-D theater at their water park this summer.

Being a water park, the theater was aptly named Noah's 4-D Dive In Theater, and is currently showing the Spongebob Squarepants movie that can be seen at many amusement and theme parks.

There's a catch though. Noah's Arc was not happy to just add a building and show the show with it's traditional 4-D effects, no, they decided to take it up a notch.

This desire led to them adding 9 different special effects in the theater to entertain guests. The $2 million investment needed to represent it's location in a water park, so some changes were made to the normal effects.
Many 4-D theaters use water effects to entertain guests, Noah's Arc took the opportunity to try to soak their guests. In addition to the seat sprays, and over head mist effects, both of which were increased in use, Noah's decided to actually add two gigantic water bombs in the front of the theater.

Other effects, such as wind, bubbles, and lightning are also used to create the 4-D theater.

Noah's Ark has really been on the cutting edge of showing that 'non-traditional' rides can work in a water park. For instance, they have a Chute-the-Chutes, and a themed attraction - Noah's Incredible Adventure - A Vekoma Mad House.

The 4-D theater sounds like another hit for the property. It pumps though 700 guests an hour while showing the 12 minute film.

For more information you can check out Noah's Arc's page for the ride.