Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekly Rewind 2.19.12

Canada's Wonderland has shared some photos taken from the top of Leviathan's lift.  Take notice of the fact that the Drop Tower, which is really tall, looks tiny.  

Fare thee well Jaws.  Universal Studios Orlando has wasted no time at all in turning the former Jaws attraction into dust.  Check out how sad the sharks look sitting amid rubble!

Micechat's latest In The Parks column has a great interview with the new General Manager of Knott's Berry Farm, Raffi Karprelyan.  Check it out to hear about his plans for the theme park, and the possibility of a new dark ride!

Although it's really a complete copy of the approach of Montu in regard to style of ride, color, and especially theming, I'm still pretty interested in Parc Asterix's Oz'Iris.  Airtimers has some new concept art showing off what the final product will look like.

Have you ever checked out Imagineering Disney?  If not, I'd recommend it for any Disney Park fan.  This recent post takes a hard look at the never built Rhine River Cruise at Epcot Center's Germany Pavilion.  Great stuff.

The amount of new photos being taken of Shambhala at PortAventura is amazing, but I'm not complaining.  The ride will be done before you know it, and be sure to pay attention to the one-of-a-kind turnaround.

Chance Rides recently delivered a brand new C.P. Huntington Locomotive, and refurbished two others, at the Toledo Zoo.  The trains are used on the park's Safari Railroad, and the refurbishments involved a complete disassembly and rebuild, new paint and brass trim.  Lookin' good!

Six Flags has released its 4th quarter earnings - a mix of both the good and bad.  Increased revenues and attendance, but a larger loss for the quarter than in 2010.  Here's some highlights.

Sounds like negotiations between Bluegrass Boardwalk and the Kentucky State Fair Board are going well, if this article is any indication.  Reports are now that the former Kentucky Kingdom could reopen in 2013.