Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Taking Shambhala to New Heights

Spain's PortAventura has been showing off their new Bolliger and Mabillard mega coaster, named Shambhala, ever since the ride topped out last week.  Rightfully so, in my opinion, as the ride is about as visually impressive as they come.

Here's one reason why, the lift for Shambhala crosses directly over that of its smaller B&M sitdown cousin, Dragon Khan.  Fun visuals all around, and this'll make a great photo when both trains pass by at the same time!

Here's a shot taken before the lift was even complete, taken at a wide angle to show off how the new coaster will totally dominate Dragon Khan.  Also take note of DK's new paint job, wonderful contract with Shambhala.

The lift hill grew taller and taller, heading up toward the top height of 249 feet.  A slight change in elevation that the park has created allows the drop to max out at 255 feet.

And just like that the ride is topped off!  Shambhala will once again cross Dragon Khan during the first drop, actually crossing the other ride's first drop as well.

Many folks weren't sure, and some still aren't, if the two rides look good together but I'm a fan.  I think it'll be even better once Shambhala's drop is in place so that we can see the teal that's used on the track ties.

All these images were from a video the park has released, be sure to check out a copy of that here!


Surya said...

A big towering hypercoaster looks good with ANYTHING :)