Saturday, February 4, 2012

Take A Virtual Spin on Iron Shark

Now that the Galveston Pleasure Pier has announced their ride line up and other attractions, they are taking the time to show off more of the amusements' details.

Take for instance the Iron Shark, the park's unique looking Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter, which appears to not require permanent foundations.  While we saw some small concept art for the coaster when the park made its big announcement we still didn't have a good idea of the coaster's elements.

© Galveston Pleasure Pier

While the ride is not currently being built on the pier, it was set up at the production facility, and the park got some photos, like the one above.  I'm loving the paint scheme, and while the ride is very short it looks like it'll be intense.

The park shared an animation of the ride which lets us see exactly what is in store - and it's basically a beyond vertical drop followed by a two-inversion element, over banked turn and a vertical loop - all jam packed into a small space.  Looks like a blast!