Monday, February 13, 2012

King Cobra Strikes Hurricane Harbor NJ in 2012

Hurricane Harbor water park, located adjacent to Six Flags Great Adventure, had previously announced the addition of some dive bomber capsule launch water slides for this season, but the park has upped the ante and gone another route - a much bigger route.

Today the park announced the addition of King Cobra, and very unique water slide that will open this Summer.

The slide tower actually consists of two racing slides that slither along next to each other.  The new attraction "promises one of the most extreme riding experiences in the industry while also delivering great spectator appeal. Complete with bold orange, black and yellow scales to resemble a massive cobra on both the interior and exterior, this slide tower will be the first of its kind anywhere in the United States."

Riders plunge down 256 feet of slide, twisting and turning in and out of dark sections at a top speed of 32 miles per hour.  They are then surprised by a 25 foot drop at a 50 degree angle followed by a trip up and into the Cobra's mouth.  Riders will slowly come to a stop and then exit the attraction.

The slide will be provided by Polin, a leading water park supplier known around the world.  It will mark Polin's first major instillation at a major U.S. water park.

This preview video gives a nice look at the slide in action. King Cobra is sure to be turning heads for both riders and on-lookers this Summer at Hurricane Harbor New Jersey!