Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tweeting With Cedar Fair

There are a lot of parks, suppliers, and other Amusement Industry members that NPN follows on Twitter - you never really know what you'll read each day.  We also use it to help keep everyone aware of what we're posting - make sure to follow us, too!

A recent change I've noticed - and one that I really love - is that suddenly Cedar Fair park General Managers are taking on Twitter accounts and posting some great content.  The kind of stuff park fans really go for, the little things that are no where near big enough for a press release, or even a blog post.

© Kings Island

Greg Scheid, the GM of Kings Island, already has a handful of tweets under his belt.  One of the recent ones features the photo above, which is work on Soak City's Adventure River, which will feature a zero depth entry this season.  From rubber mulch to new food offerings, there's lots of neat details.

Cedar Point's GM, John Hildebrandt has been sharing plenty of goodies, too.  Want to know the specific names of the colors they've painted Soak City's water slides?  How about what kind of new lockers the park is adding?  Check and check

© Dorney Park

Dorney Park updates can be found via Jason McClure, the park's GM.  Above is a photo just shared of the entrance to Dinosaurs Alive! being created.  Also seen on the feed is a close up of Stinger's eye, and some teases about this year's Halloween Haunt.

Others who just recently joined Twitter are Camille Jourden-Mark, GM of Michigan's Adventure, Worlds of Fun's GM Frank Wilburn, and Phil Bender, the chain's Executive VP of Operations.

I'm hoping that Rob Decker, the company's VP of Planning and Design, joins, too!  I'd love to see some of the things he could tweet...

All in all I think this is a fantastic move by the company!