Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Gerstlauer's Busy 2012

Gerstlauer's Iron Shark under construction

Germany ride manufacturer Gerstlauer is following up an amazing 2011 with even more exciting projects in 2012, some of which are quite close to home for North American riders.  The company will debut three of their SkyFly rides, where passengers are able to control their experience - from mild to wild.

Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall of America will open the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Shell Shock ride, lifting riders up 72 feet while they spin and twirl.  Further away, SkyFly rides will also open in France's Nigloland and Legoland Germany.

Seen above, the company's North American coaster project for 2012 will be Galveston Pleasure Pier's Iron Shark.  Standing 100 feet tall and featuring 4 inversions, the Euro-Fighter will actually not use concrete footings, instead relying on a steel base frame designed to withstand hurricane force winds.

Best of all, Iron Shark will utilize eight passenger trains that have lap bar restraints, instead of over the shoulder models.  After riding Dare Devil Dive I can attest to the comfortable and open ride these trains provide!

Finally wrapping up the company's larger projects are brand new trains for Hersheypark's SuperdooperLooper, a 1977 Schwarzkopf coaster.  The new trains will offer riders more comfort and still have lap bar restraints.

Elsewhere around the globe Gerstlauer will open a family coaster at Duinrell in the Netherlands, a Polyp at Sweden's Liseberg, and a junior shuttle coaster at France's OK Corral.