Sunday, February 5, 2012

Scott And Carol Present - Indy's Big Game Experience

We can't let this weekend go by without at least one trip report to Indy during the big game season. The regular season we will let go by without further mention.

Everyone in town was supportive of Indianapolis' time to shine. This was where we parked for our visit.

The NFL allowed another sport to use their logos for the first time in history, and the result was open wheel race cars themed after the teams and Super Bowl XLVI. In the background is the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, which also was spruced up over the summer for the event.

This is Carol's favorite car.

And this is Scott's. yes we live in a house divided.

If more theme parks had legible and informative banners like this, nobody would have any excuse for not being able to find their own way through the attractions.

It appears the Marriott, just finished in time for the event, has the biggest building wrap, 33 stories tall. It was reported that many guests who arrived by air had pictures of this before they even landed.

None of the official host hotels were left out, no matter what their window configuration.

The NFL Experience, where you could kick field goals, run pass routes, and return punts was easy to find. We didn't have the energy so no more will be said about that attraction.

Some of the more famouse restaurants in Indianapolis joined the fun. All of these banners will be recycled once the confetti is cleaned up.

Even the skyways, which connect most of downtown Indianapolis, were wrapped. From the inside, you can see outside to make sure where you are going.

These windows could have been opened for the Press Day activities, because it was over 60 degrees during the week. Not bad for Indianapolis in February.

These smaller letters were in Super Bowl Village, and the crowds even lined up to be photgraphed with them.

This synthetic turf in the village was the softest place to walk in all of downtown Indianapolis. Later that day some kids were throwing footballs with their dads on this. How cool was that!

Here is a closer look at the Super Bowl car, with Scott added in for scale. Real race and show cars with their number corresponding to the year the team joined the league, or in this case, the year of this particular Super Bowl.

The much talked about ziplines started way up here...

...the lucky riders zoomed high above the entrance to the NFL Experience...

...and were cheered on by the people waiting in line. This attraction was so popular that some of the $10 tickets were being scalped for $75. What a return on a minimal investment. The line was 3 hours long before it even opened.

This is the ESPN studio being set up days before the talent arrived. Thousands watched themselves cheering the production team during the week. So that was the highlights of our Super Bowl experience, it definitely changed downtown Indianapolis for the biggest event of the year. Thanks for reading, and if you have 2 extra tickets for the big game.....We can be there in 2 hours.