Friday, February 24, 2012

Six Flags Great Adventure Preps for 2012

Six Flags Great Adventure is getting ready for a huge 2012 season, one that will be full of new attractions aimed at the entire family.  In a recent news story the park's President, John Fitzgerald, speaks about the plans the park has for this year.

On top of the recently announced mega-slide for Hurricane Harbor, known as King Cobra, the theme park will also have a new section named Adventure Alley.  The park's new star ride is SkyScreamer, a 240 foot swing ride, along with three family attractions.

Bumper cars named Fender Benders, a family spinner named Air Jumbo, and a scrambler aptly named Deja Vu will also populate the new area, which was formerly a rather sparse part of Fantasy Forest.  (check out a recent promo video from the park) The selection of family rides is being well received as something the park needed to focus on before moving on to the next big ride.