Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Paint 'n' Play with Goofy at Tokyo Disneyland

© Tokyo Disney Resort

I'm not sure what to make of this, really.  It is an announcement from Tokyo Disneyland about a new 'attraction' opening at Tokyo Disneyland on August 24th, named Goofy's Paint 'n' Play House.  But what is it?  I'm not totally sure.

"Located in Toontown, Goofy's Paint 'n' Play House lets guests have fun helping Goofy redecorate his room in a unique and toony fashion with what seems like real paint.  Groups of guests work together to colorfully paint a room in Goofy's house using special paint applicators called Toontone Splat Masters.  These tools are easy to use: guests simply aim at the wall or furniture they want to color and activate the applicators."

It looks like 8 people at a time can go in and "paint" the room, using different themes to boot, such as beach and jungle.  Do these Splat Masters really shoot a liquid, or is this a light technology trick of some sort?  I'd lean toward the latter.  I usually look to other use of technologies on a small scale at Disney Parks before they launch a larger application of a specific technology for hints, but I admit I'm lost on this one. 

If anyone knows more feel free to chime in, or I guess we will find out come August!


Bihner said...

There was a similiar attraction at Magic Mountain. I was there a few years back and saw this paintball attraction. I am not a fan of the carnival games, but I had to try this out. I remember spending $10 to get I think 100 shots. There were some miscellaneous junk/ targets set up. There was even a car to shoot at. Curious, I ask the kid operating it how they keeped the targets clean. He said a fine mist kept the paint wet and was able to wipe down later. Curious to see if Disney has some new technology up there sleeve to make a virtual copy of this "game"