Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Leviathan Is Complete

 © Canada's Wonderland

Milestone after milestone, I feel a bit like a broken record these days, but construction moments like this are worth pointing out!

Canada's Wonderland is the next in the series of achievements, they just recently completed the 5,486 feet of track that makes up B&M's first 300+ foot tall coaster, Leviathan.  Above is the final piece of track waiting to be lifted into place; its future home is visible in the background.

© Canada's Wonderland

I'm not sure that I can quite get enough of photos like this one of the ride.  So immense, and though it has been joked about quite a bit is really is impressive that even the ride's final brake run is as tall (taller?) than Dragon Fire's entire lift hill!

For some additional gorgeous shots of the completed ride, check out Canada's Wonderland's gallery, and do not miss some video of the final track piece going in.