Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Look at Cedar Point's Luminosity

Cedar Point recently had an off season tour for Coasterbuzz members which included a nice presentation covering the park's $6 million new nighttime spectacular called Luminosity.

The above images are from this video of the presentation, which also includes some goodies from the park's General Manager, John Hildebrandt.  The show is much more elaborate than I previously imagined, and I'm so happy to see that new company CEO Matt Ouimet's influence is playing out here.

Luminosity will require a total renovation to the Iron Dragon midway, turning it into Celebration Plaza.  The plans for the area can be seen above, but include the removal of the current Iron Dragon queue, replacing it with a gigantic stage.  The entire area looks to have a distinctly non-Cedar Fair look to it.

The show will have 25 live dancers, three drummers, two cirque style performers, live singers, DJs, themed sections, pyro, blasting current tunes, and more.  The plaza will be the hub of the event, but more of the park will be involved.  Millennium Force, the Giant Wheel, and Power Tower are getting new light packages, and the entire midway from the entrance gates to Corkscrew are getting light towers, embedded lights in the concrete, and other festive additions.  It is all about atmosphere.

There's plenty more detail available on the show and changes to the park, you can check them out in the video from user OhioCoasterMan.  For construction photos and other assorted off-season views, check out this link.

I'm pretty excited to see how Luminosity turns out, also because Mr. Ouimet previously said that its debut at Cedar Point is a test of sorts, and if successful this could (will) be rolled out to other parks.